Overly Confident


Thursday – Astro Update
“Overly Confident”

The Sun and Mercury align in Aries this week, this gives us confidence. Our minds are strong and we may have a more analytical approach to life. This influence is with us through Saturday.

We’re not very good at listening in this energy, even though our intelligence and communication skills are strong. It’s hard to hear because our mind is thinking of what we want to say next, as the other person is still talking lol.

It can be a struggle for us to listen, because we have such a strong need to communicate, and absorbing information can prove difficult. What we say or write has power on any given day, but our words have a uniquely strong impact under this influence, so “Choose Your Words Wisley”. Think about what you’re saying, before saying it. Perhaps bite your tongue if need be.

Because our confidence is high, we like to think more independently and our opinions are strong. If we don’t feel heard or our opinions are ignored or critized, we might take it personally. Just go about being you and express yourself, but just know that others might have a different opinion, it’s has nothing to do with you!

Being proud is good, but make sure you don’t go overboard, or you might get cut off by those around you under this influence.


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