Jupiter “Stationary” Retrograde


Thursday – Astro Alert
Jupiter “Station” Retrograde

Jupiter is in Leo currently, it is the planet that rules luck and expansion and our belief system, and is now “stationary” or has stopped to slowly begin moving forward again… after its five-month long Retrograde period. Our hope and optimism should return again.

This station energy over the next week or so can be felt strongly. But it also gives us the chance to feel connected again to a higher-vibration and can restore our hope and faith. After the last Uranus-Pluto Square in March, we so need this.

Over the last 5 months, Jupiter in Retrograde gave us the opportunity to learn more about how we connect to our higher-self. It helped us work on what we actually believe in and helped us restructure our “beliefs.” Now that Jupiter is going back to its normal pace, we may be able to live by our new belief systems and connect to our inner-child energy, like our enthusiasm, creativity and happiness. We’ve hopefully at the very least learned what works for us and what doesn’t, when it comes to our beliefs and faith.

Jupiter provides us wisdom, as we have been connecting to Jupiter’s energy more within ourselves , while it was Retrograde. As this planet slowly builds momentum we should be able to focus more so on its traits in the outer world. So for the next week focus on what you’ve learned about your beliefs, and what you’ve learned about yourself over the last 5 months. Did you take this time to connect to your inner-child and see what healing needs to occur? We can now move to the next level, which hopefully includes you being aware and of what you truly now believe in.


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