Mercury/Uranus in Aries


This alignment involves mental Mercury and insightful Uranus in Aries. This can cause nervousness and restless behavior, but also brings in a feeling of excitement and enthusiasm. Important insightful information can suddenly pop up in different ways. There’s a new breathe of fresh air in this energy. Conversations may be strange and unusual, as new ideas and information can flood our minds.

Real breakthrough can be experienced now, through our conversations with others, or from the messages we get. These amazing Ah-Ha moments we’re having can make us feel excited, but others may not be as enthusiastic about them, because they’re coming to each of us for a reason.

The Internet, computers, and electronics can be of importance now and have been affected. So if your Internet is actinf strange, it will get better by the weekend. Stay open minded this week, and pay attention to what information you get or that you can piece together. Make sure to stay grounded, this helps you get even more information.


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