Powerful Expression

Powerful Expression


There’s been a challenging Mercury/Pluto aspect coming together this week that continues through Friday. Our focus and drive are incredibly strong and we’re mentally sharp as a tact…so maybe we’ll finally be able to get some work done, after last weeks mental confusion. We can become obsessive, but also make some serious much-needed changes.

It’s easy to let our mouths runaway and go overboard. Remember to come from a space that is loving not fearful, and if you get frustrated that usually means there’s a deeper fear within. It’s harder to trust ourselves and others both in this energy… so we can second guess or question just about everything.

There’s a deep need to get to the bottom of almost anything, as we’re determined to expose the truth. This is about writing a wrong or uncovering what’s false. We question others true motives, and can feel like those we come in contact with aren’t giving us the whole story. This is a good time to research and investigate, be-careful you just might find what we’re looking for.

Take this opportunity to turn this intensely charged mental energy into something real and be productive. Because we’re very capable of doing hard work with great focus.

Watch what you say this week, it’s all to easy to open your mouth in a very forceful way! And remember we want to debate or have an argument. The problem is we’re trying to change someone’s mind and we can easily over-power them with our very strong opinions. It’s all to easy to discuss opinions and suddenly find yourself in a war-zone.

Remember what you say in battle is not always forgotten by the other person, and yes they might move past it over time, but the memory of what you’ve said may never go away and then resentments can build. Over time this kind of behavior can tear away at. the walls of an existing bond and deteriorate a relationship. We’re loving energy turns into resentments and memories that are painful.

Instead empower others, by expressing what you feel so passionate about. Just be wise and think before you speak and choose your words carefully. You can express yourself in a very powerful way, don’t over do it in the process.


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