“Time for A Change”


The Sun aligns with Uranus in Aries this week. And shifts are happening everywhere. This alignment is about making drastic changes. This can cause disruptions, interruptions and stimulates change. This alignment can take us into new directions quickly, because we’re more confident and are seeking freedom. We’re looking for new ways to express ourselves, and meet like-minded people…. especially for a cause that can make change happen.

Our relationships can get interesting with sudden new insights, as we see the bigger picture. To move forward in life, we realize we must collaborate with others and make a plan and get strategic.

Our creative side is awakened, as we connect to the strange and unusual, especially with the Moon in Scorpio. We can express ourselves in the strangest most unique ways in this energy. We are open to new ways of thinking…are consciousness is awakened as we want to do something different. This can bring in some nice opportunities, suddenly!

Uranus pushes us towards seeking freedom and equality which can lead to more progress. It’s time to tap into your courage and awareness. Major changes are happening everywhere. Get away from what is holding you back now. It’s important to remember to keep your heart and mind open, it can make or break how this alignment works for you!



I am ready for a change


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