Find your Power

“Find your Power”


Have you noticed people acting a bit touchy, and just not very agreeable. Well there’s a challenging Sun/Pluto aspect that’s been coming together this week and this one seems to be quite potent, and it runs all through next week. What we believe to be true may be challenged by those around us, and it can be over the most petty things. It’s that whole you say black, so they say white kinda of conversation going on.

This aspect is part of the Sun/Uranus/Mercury alignment in Aries. This energy forces us to confront our power, will, assertion, and authority. There can be issues with father-like figures or male role models. The lesson in this energy is to be independent in our way of thinking and not buckle under the pressure of what we’re supposed to believe. This is about being assertive, but not out of control. Balance is key.

It can be easier to alienate others with control, jealously and just overbearing behavior. With the Moon shifting into Scorpio this afternoon, will only intensify these behaviors. This is about our deeper fear of being controlled, playing out… it’s harder to surrender and let go of our insecurities in this energy.

A lot of us are learning how to detach themselves from something or someone who has the been working, for some of us it’s about letting go of a certain way of thinking. These fears can make us act compulsive, suspicious, and just plain difficult. This kind of behavior can cost us the very things we love the most!

This aspect teaches us to tap into our hearts, and to be kind and compassionate. Only then you’ll discover your own personal power and strength. The most important part of this energy is to pay attention to what is in your face right now, because it’s probably the very thing or person that’s been holding you back from a more meaningful life.

It’s time to rework plans and goals for the future, make the changes that will put you on a more suitable path. If you feel forced or pushed into doing something you don’t want do… or a powerful struggle coming on…then walk away and close your eyes, then breathe and get into your heart and mind.

This aspect is challenging yes, but it’s a rare opportunity to experience growth.
We’re working on parts of our personalities and egos that have been buried way deep down. We’re learning how to face and accept who we can be in some deep transformational ways!


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