Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse



Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Libra

The Full “Blood” Moon comes together early Saturday morning around 5am CST, and a “Total” Lunar Eclipse occurs, but it only lasts for 5 mins. This is a very powerful, potent energy and is much more intense then a normal Full Moon. It’s as if we’re being further enlightened, about how we can transform ourselves, so that we can connect to living a deeper sense of meaning and purpose. This Eclipse has some very powerful and useful insight to give.

This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is in relationship-focused Libra, so we must remember that intimate relationships aren’t the only kind of relationships we have. (Everyone is fascinated with love, so we can get fixated on the romance of it all.) Instead, think of all the different kinds of connections we make, like with family-members, friends, co-workers, and even acquaintances. Eclipses give us very important information about the dynamics of our relationships.

Lunar Eclipses seem to affect us in such a way, that we feel our deeper emotions strongly and as these feelings rise to the surface we might realize what we’ve been ignoring or blocking out. Huge changes and shifts seem to occur during an Eclipse, especially in our relationships. Just focus on where you need balance in your life and if there is a commitment you need to let go of or hold onto.

Eclispes bring in surprising, shocking energy that lead to strong endings and beginnings. This pushes us without warning to evolve, grow, and mature. Some of the changes that might happen can be hard to take. Many of you have endured some pretty rough challenges since “Eclipse Season” began on March 20th, during the Solar Eclipse. We’ve been made to look deep within ourselves over this past month, and that hasn’t been easy or enjoyable, but it’s necessary. During this Eclipse the Moon will turn Red in color, and the shadow that is casted can remind us that things aren’t always as they seem.

This Eclipse brings very powerful and useful insight, especially since it’s the start of the new astrological new year, and this is a number “8” year. The Universe is raising our vibration… higher, so that we can transform into a more illuminated version of ourselves. Just like a computer upgrade, the new 8.0 version of us will emerge once we’ve downloaded the “Lunar Eclipses” information. Just remember anything can happen between now and April 18th when “Eclipse Season” ends. Some of the changes that might happen can be hard to accept now, but if you try, it will be easier to move forward to the next level!

The Sun in Aries is also connected to Uranus, Mercury, and the South Node, this helps us to work on being more assertive. We’re looking to gain independence so that we can understand ourselves more. This is about learning courage, and being open to something new, being direct… but doing it with compassion.

The Moon aligns with the North Node in Libra and shows us we need to work on a emotional crisis. This is about healing past wounds from our old relationships that might be showing up in other forms now. Life changing events can also come into focus in this energy, like starting a family or moving into a new home, or anything along those lines. This is a great time to “Set Intentions” around life-changing events. The North Node (the Moon’s, Moon) in Libra symbolizes how we should work on being objective, while learning more about balance, justice, equality, and collaboration.

This Full Moon opposes Uranus and squares Pluto, while the Sun conjuncts Uranus. And with the Uranus-Pluto Square still only just barely being separated, it still effects us strongly. We’re transforming into something new, by getting rid of what no longer is working for us, which makes this energy even more important now.

Pluto’s lesson for us is about looking in the dark, finding the shadow and bringing it out into the light… to be seen and released. Notice what’s toxic in you life, think about who or what is stealing your joy. What’s the poison in your life… now get rid of it!

This T-square to Pluto sends a strong message with the Eclipse energy, and that is “LET GO OF ANYTHING THAT DOESN’T MAKE YOU FEEL POWERFUL.” Move forward on the path that this Full Moon is trying to show you. There have been major changes to the structures in our lives over the last three years, so think about what you’re building for the long-term now, and what supports your new dreams and desires. Think about the fear you have and how it is stopping you from living a more joyful existence.

During this time it’s very important to take care of yourself or you won’t be able to do the things you want. We need to take the time to rest our Spirit, Mind and Body now, as we take on this very potent energy. I encourage you to participate in Meditation during this strong cosmic event, as we will be in this energy all weekend.

Let this be a reminder that everyone on the planet is experiencing this very powerful energy, and some might feel overwhelmed or anxious, and some of us might even experience dizziness. So be willing to let go, and not argue with those that are feeling fear and frustrated. It’s important that we remain calm and cool. It’s also just as important to be kind and compassionate with yourself and others.

Have a Blessed Full Moon

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