“A Time For Healing”

April 1st 2015

“A Time For Healing”


Venus is love … and Chiron is our emotional wounds, they form a opportune aspect this week that influences the way we heal our emotional wounds, especially around relationships and with our self-worth. Some of us may lose control due to other astrological influences happening now, but it’s a good time to kiss and makeup in this energy. Even though most will experience this through their discussions and even arguments with a loving partner.

This aspect wants to help you heal your deeper fears of not being “good enough” or feeling not “worthy.” Healing can only happen when we are open to forgiving ourselves and others. Be compassionate, understanding and kind with others. Old emotional wounds can rise to the surface now, but these conversations don’t have to be negative or scary, some of you will feel almost liberated for getting some issues off your chest. If you feel like these issues are coming up for a reason, then you’re probably right. Pay attention to how they’re making you FEEL! Your emotions are trying to tell you that you’re reliving an old emotional wound, despite the fact that it’s probably with someone different or in a completely different situation. The point is the emotions you’re feeling can now be let go of and healed. Ask yourself, how do these feelings remind me of an old emotional wound I went through in the past?

If this makes sense then you’re already on your way to healing. So move forward and don’t get caught up in drama, remember we’re not here for too terribly long, forgive and forget, and then heal those past experiences that wounded you in the first place.


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