“Venus Trine Pluto”

“Venus Trine Pluto”


Loving Venus and powerful Pluto join forces this week in a harmonious trine, that can lead to serious rewards. This has already been building up energy and shifts our focus over to our relationships and money. We’ll feel this through Friday.

Our feelings can be intense and passionate, but not usually rude or destructive. Intimacy can be experienced on a whole new level…this helps us to have gratitude for the people in our lives. So we may renew commitments and be more intimate in our relationships, while we’re under the influence of this powerful aspect.

Our beliefs and values are evolving. We have a strong need to share our deeper emotions from a loving space. We’re strategically patient, because we know how valuable observing can be. This can lead to new insights around business and personal relationships.

Our sex lives may get a real charge of energy, because we want to connect on such deep levels. We can become strongly attracted to someone and act obsessive. Some might even meet a amazing love or a love of a lifetime. Count on any relationship you begin or renew in this energy to be unforgettable! This transit is more about strengthening existing relationships and bringing in new ones. But if you do happen to leave a relationship during this cycle, you can feel liberated.

This can be a excellent time for finances. Our work may pay off now and we’re able to manage our finances better, because we are paying attention to detail and planning carefully, while using strategies we may have never tried before. Keep working on getting rid of what no longer is working for us.


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