Mercury in Aries


Monday – *Astro ⚠ Alert*
“Mercury in Aries”

Mercury the planet of communication and expression, shifts over from dreamy Pisces into fiery, quick-witted Aries today, this transit runs through April 14th. Our thinking has been slowed way down while Mars was in Taurus… but now our thoughts are going to speed up and move quicker with Mercury in Aries!

Communications can be impatient and impulsive, but we’re focused on moving towards are goals quite quickly. We’re talking just as fast and looking for immediate answers. We refuse to let anything get in our way, we’re ready, we’re brave and we want what we want right now!

It’s important to check yourself and to think before you speak… and not say things inappropriately, so choose your words wisely. We’re all going to feel this Aries energy quite strongly, so it’s important to not “take things personally”, especially if someone seems to be ignoring you or feels insensitive. Pull back and stay focused on yourself and please take responsibility for how you talk or express yourself. We can be pioneers with our thoughts and ideas, as we tend to speak in a very direct, bold, assertive manner with Mercury in Aries.


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