Venus in Taurus


“Venus in Taurus”

Venus influences love, relationships and money and has been in more fiery, fast- paced Aries. But today she shifts into more steady, comfortable and sensual Taurus, where she will remain until April 11th. This energy helps us to slow down and not put our wants and needs first. Venus in Taurus is sensual, content and even a little possessive. We seek security and value longevity.

Heat up the crockpot and buy some wine, because we are looking for ways to nurture our loved ones, and this is often done with food when Taurus energy is involved. With Venus moving into this sign for the next 3 and half weeks, we want to share delicious food and express our sensuality! Our appetite for pleasure is strong. Go simple, organic and natural in this energy.

Taurus is about pleasing the senses, so we enjoy physical acts of love and romance, immensely! Venus in Taurus energy looks for what’s practical, solid, and long-lasting, because Taurus energy is about being in the present moment and acknowledging our blessings.

The shadow side of this aspect is we can be extremely possessive, and end up treating our partners like an object that we own or want to own. We may end up holding onto or collecting material possessions… rather then letting them go.

Financially, we’re going to be taking it nice and easy and can be extremely careful in our dealings. We’re not easily talked into taking risks, we just would assume spend our money on what pleases us, like having a Psychic Reading, massage or a nice meal.


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