Saturn Retrograde


*Astro Alert*
“Saturn Retrograde”

Saturn the “Planet of Karma” or the “God of Time”, has slowed down now to prepare for its 5 month long Retrograde phase in Sagittarius through August 2nd, it will then shift back into Scorpio (you’ll remember this energy, because Saturn was in Scorpio for quite a long time in 2014.)

It may feel like our long-term goals are way out of reach and like we’re at a standstill. It’s important to be flexible and open-minded around your frustrations, especially over the weekend and through Monday. Take a deep breath when you can and as often as you need to. If you can think about your commitments in a mature, level headed way… you’ll feel more positive about life.

During this cycle we can get clear about what we’re truly committed to, or not, and just how we’re living out our lives. Get ready to take a long look in the mirror, as we get in touch with our beliefs over the next five months. The energy is slowing way down and we’ll be forced to evaluate our lives and sort of stop to pay attention more. so this can be a very positive energy if you look and appreciate what blessings you do have.

Saturn is about reality and dealing with the mundane part of life, the here and now.  It’s time to be more practical and deal fully with our responsibilities, and take on any consequences for our past actions. Saturn represents the structures we hold, the commitments we have made, and what we have to do in the physical world to survive. We must acknowledge the laws of the physical world, being we live in it. So we must learn how to play “by the book” which will make our lives easier over these next 5 months.

Saturn influences physical time as well. Saturn guides us like a father figure and helps us to grow up and mature. It’s lessons helps us to accept the limitations that are put on us throughout different stages of our life. There’s also lessons about how to set healthy boundaries with others. This energy is all about building something solid for our future, and if you haven’t taking some responsibility in certain areas of your life, then Saturn will make it more clear where you should be during its Retrograde phase.

Saturn is the Cosmic Teacher and he will have a class for each of us during this Retrograde cycle. So think about what lessons he wants you to learn over the next five months. Where should you be taking full responsibility in your life? If you’re not sure what part of your life your being asked to look at… think about what you should be handling more maturely. What should you be committing to?


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