Mercury in Pisces

“Mercury in Pisces”

Mercury is finally leaving intellectual, forward-moving Aquarius after it’s incredibly long stay. I’m sure all the Aquarius peps out there will appreciate the break… after all the mental noise and chatter constantly over the last several months. Mercury is shifting into more creative, compassionate Pisces. It will drift through dreamy creative Pisces only through March 30th. We’ve been very focused on thinking with only our minds, but now our thoughts will come from our heart.

Through the end of March we get the opportunity to communicate what we’re feeling in our hearts. We can see more of what we have in common and less of our differences, this can help us to cooperate better. This energy can be helpful in the slow re-build we’ll be in from the Uranus-Pluto Square influence coming together this weekend. If we can allow the energy of Source to come through, we can connect much easier. Our thinking will be much more creative, and highly intuitive (prepare for Psychic Visions and strong dreams) as our imaginations will be strong.

It’s important to try to stay focused on what’s happening in the moment and not let our minds get taken over by our high ideals. If we can allow this higher-vibrational energy to set in, we can receive information from a more intuitive place, rather than our minds or ego… which can be very helpful. Our minds will slow way down and our words can be much more gentle than the energy we’ve been in.

Mercury in Pisces is a very independent kind of energy. This helps us to work on letting go of any mental conditioning or fears that we are holding onto and that no longer work for us. If you aren’t connected to your spirit or intuition, it’s important to ask for a second opinion when making any major decisions. Also it’s a good time to ask yourself if you can learn how to connect to your higher-self or intuition. In other words can you trust your higher-self?

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