Eclipse Season


March 11th – Astro Alert
“Eclipse Season”

A Solar Eclipse occurs in March and a Lunar Eclipse in April, this energy is starting to build now, we’re officially in what’s called “Eclipse Season.” This energy is important to understand and work with. The upcoming Solar Eclipse comes together next Friday, March 20th. There seems to be strange things that happen during ‘Eclipse Season’, so for a week before and after an Eclipse, we can find ourself in situations that are unusual, as anything can be possible and we should expect the unexpected!

If anything new gets started at this time, it usually doesn’t work out so well or it may not turn out the way we thought it would… that’s due to the important information we receive only after ‘Eclipse Season’  is over! It would be wise to hold off starting any New projects until after April 18th, once ‘Eclipse Season’ is done. If you’re starting anything new or bringing something to a close… then allow it to just be and happen naturally.

‘Eclipse Season’ can bring up uncertainty and cause us to feel nervous, anxious, unsettled and even confused. It’s important to stay grounded and remain in the ‘present moment’… just be an observer of how you’re feeling. If you feel hurried or frustrated, remember to breathe and connect to your higher-self, this will help you get though any rough patches.

It’s a time to be patient and wait for the Eclipses to give us all the information they need to. It’s like downloading a app on your smart phone, we’re literally the app being updated. This doesn’t mean to stop your life, it’s just a good idea to check in with your intuition from time to time, to keep up and make sure you’re following what the Universe is showing you. Do what feels right for you, and wait for the important info that’s coming!

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