“The Square Part 2”

Wednesday –  “The Square Part 2”


Mars and Pluto are meeting up in a very challenging alignment this week, this is part of the “Square” energy I’ve been discussing. This is about aggression, power and control. We want our freedom and independence, but we don’t want to let go of the control that we think we have.We can’t seem to stop ourselves, to the point of compulsion. Our ambition and drive to succeed are incredibly strong now, and we’re prepared to do what we have to achieve our goals. And we’ve got the guts and the energy to back it up! We can find it difficult to stop ourselves.

This aspect can suddenly cause explosive behavior and lead to power struggles. We can end up pushing those of authority to get what we want. We want our way at any cost, and push will come to shove… as tempers can flare up, especially if we feel stuck or backed into a corner. If we get put into a space where we feel restricted or having to make difficult decisions, it just can blow up in our faces. With Mars in Aries involved, we may not know when to quit.

It’s very important as we go through the weekend and these intense Squares form that we tap into our hearts. Find ways to tech some kind of peace within yourself. Being flexible and allowing others space can be the best way to handle this energy. Think before you react, ask the Universe to help you keep calm and remember to BREATHE a lot!

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