One Step At A Time


Friday – Astro Update
“One Step At A Time”

The Sun and powerful Pluto are involved in a opportune aspect this week. You’ve probably been very busy rebuilding your life in one way or another, as most of us have been involved in some kind of teardown in certain areas of our lives.
This is because of the influence from the Uranus/Pluto Square… that started back in 2012… as this powerful Square is slowly building up energy for its last meeting in our lifetime, here in just about a week. The energies can feel extra intense as this last Square comes together!

This aspect helps you to tap into your power… to have the courage to be compassionate with yourself and others, this allows you to be creative and work on the structures you’ve torn down. Remember Structures can be those emotional things we can’t see, like friendships and relationships. Basically the whole tear down energy we’ve all been in, could be affecting any area of your life: like in your relationships, work or career, health, or around money and finances. Just ask yourself what you need to be re-building? What have you torn down since 2012?

Work slowly through the weekend and make sure to think about what you’re changing or still possibly tearing down. This can be a opportunity to notice if you’re going a little overboard or obsessing, and if so you should try and chill-out! You can’t manifest what you really want without rebuilding first. This aspect between the Sun and Pluto this week can help you. But you have to go for it and make it happen within reason. Don’t expect for it all to come to you either. Just take baby steps as you’re getting these parts of your life back into balance.

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