Full Moon in Virgo


Thursday – Full Moon in Virgo

The Moon continues its transit thru more practical, organized, and detailed Virgo today. As it swells into this months ‘Full Moon’, around lunchtime. The ‘Full Moon’ is a time of emotional highs and lows, romance and relationships. Full Moons are always about balance and letting go or releasing what is no longer working, or what doesn’t serve us anymore. This can be about letting go of a certain way of thinking or literally getting rid of these things that we no longer use or need any more. Either way, get rid of the clutter.

With the Sun in Pisces and the Moon in Virgo, we are trying to balance complete polar opposite energies here. Pisces is about focusing on the healing of ‘self,’ while Virgo is about being of service to others. We should be balancing our daily activities and routines, and our spiritual well-being. This energy is about how we keep our life organized, but take the time to be happy… which in turn helps us stay healthy!

Pisces energy is all about the spiritual, mysticism and our dreams… while Virgo energy is about the physical world, reasoning, science, rational thought and discernment. This Full Moon’s lesson is about learning how to move out of judgment and criticism, over to discernment and humility (by accepting everyone for who they are, including ones self.)

Pay attention to what area of your life there’s lack in, both today and tomorrow. Whatever part of your life this Full Moon is highlighting can be healed. It’s a wonderful opportunity to explore your emotional needs in-depth. This Full Moon is asking us to find balance between what’s practical and impractical, and how we criticize ourselves and others… so we may learn to be more accepting! There can be some pretty interesting announcements, statements and even Ah-Ha moments made during this Full Moon!

Blessed Full Moon

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