1. Hello Ruby, I found your blog and am very intrigued with its content. I do tarot readings in Viena for 11 years now and have always perceived the full moon as something negative, did you ever read Dadid Ickes Book ” The Lion sleeps no more” it talks about the possibility of the moon not being a natural satelite at all. Interesting is that people of the sign cancer behave very positively with full moon, but I as a Gemini find it disturbing, can barely spleep and get very nervous. I might try a more positive approach 🙂 Thank you for your insight, kind regards from Vienna (Austria) Kartenlegen Wien

    • Hi amethystsun, thanks for Reading!
      I’m Leo on the Cusp of Cancer, my hubby and one of my children are Cancer. We all struggle with the Full Moon energy too, it also seems to make us feel agitated and nervous. But “Setting Intentions” really helps me. I’m glad this has helped you. But funny enough me and my hubby both have our Natal Moon Signs in Gemini.

  2. Ruth Moldan

    Hi Ruby, I am very grateful for this post, it answers a lot of questions for me. You did an excellent job writing this so I could understand. Thank you my friend!