“You are the Universe”


Friday – “You are the Universe”

Jupiter (beliefs) and Pluto (transformation) are meeting up this week for a second time in a long-term series that began last September… their final meeting is in May. Many of us are facing some moral dilemmas right now, but this is only up so we can make changes! Open your mind and your heart and you’ll discover what this transit wants you to work on.

Your belief system is facing new challenges now, it’s time to re-think what you believe in…Ask yourself if your beliefs still ring true for you? Do they work in your life now?

Might I suggest working on adjusting your attitude daily in this energy. If you refuse to do so, you can face narrow-mindedness from those around you…because their just reflecting what you actually are feeling, but on a very deep unconscious level and it’s these truths or feelings that are being mirrored right back at you…. so you can learn what you need to heal and have a better life… by the way anyone can be these messengers.

It’s probably pretty clear by now what things and attitudes you should be letting go of. You may feel like you can’t trust the belief system you’ve followed for a long time now… this is running deep for many of us. If anything, at least acknowledge the fact that you have some insecurities about what you hold true. Ask yourself what kinda of adjustments or plans you need to make to weed out what’s excessive in your life. If you continue to rid of what longer works for you or is blocking you both physically and emotionally, you’ll reap the rewards of another transit coming together now, between lucky Jupiter and surprising Uranus on March 3rd.

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