“Venus enters Aries”

“Venus enters Aries”


Venus influences our relationships and money. This loving planet has shifted also into assertive Aries, through March 17th. Then she joins up with the “God of War”, Mars, who also just shifted into Aries as well. Together, Venus and Mars are the “Cosmic Lovers” of the Zodiac, and they do influence our relationships strongly! Both of them being in Aries can be quite steamy!

It won’t be hard to figure out others motives. Your love life can get quite a boost in this passionate energy, but be careful about arguing with others. This isn’t the kinda of energy to sit around in, this transit favors activity, so find something fun to do!

During this cycle, we’re excited about all that is challenging and new. We can be quite spontaneous and direct with our feelings and affections. We don’t look back in Aries energy, it’s all about moving forward or just moving period. Apologies aren’t important at this time, because that’s dwelling on the past. If you’re looking to meet someone new or create a new start in your current relationship, this energy can help you. It’s a new day, and it’s time to get things done, take action and go after what you want. For all the times I’ve written, “wait don’t do this or that yet”, I finally can say, now is the time to begin things, right now!

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