Mars in Aries – Sky’s on Fire


February 19th – Thursday
Mars enters Aries
“Sky’s on Fire”

Mars enters fiesty, fiery, action-packed Aries this evening, and remains there through March 31st. Mars feels at home in Aries its ruler, and can do very well there. The energy is spontaneous and courageous under this influence. We start to worry more about ourselves and can be very confident.

On the positive side, the action planet in fiery Aries gives you the energy you need, whether you’re studying for a test, working, or running a busy household. On the negative side, this transit tends to stir up people who already have trouble managing their temper. We can become extremely competitive, our goal is to win. We are very direct in our actions, and instinctively will look for the fastest way to get things done!

It makes sense that both Mars and Aries are named after the God of War, because they both can get very passionate and aggressive. Couples may feel the “fire” of this strong energy, ya know fights and then makeup sex! Just don’t allow the fights to blow up, we can suddenly explode like a Firework, and not even know how we got so upset or angry! Especially with Venus the planet of love and money, also shifting into Aries Friday. Love is going to really get wild, relationships are going to heat up and sexual encounters will be more then interesting!

If we need to stick up for ourselves or others, we’re getting a big dose of courage. If you’re one who gets easily offended, do yourself a favor and go breathe and drink a cold glass of water, (it literally calms the body down) We can be arrogant and impatient with Mars in Aries, it’s just a little too much fire for some to handle.

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