New “Super” Moon in Aquarius


Wednesday – New “Super” Moon in Aquarius

The “New Moon” in Aquarius comes together early this evening around 5:45 pm CST, this New Moon is right on the cusp or degree of Pisces, again just like in January. It’s also a “Super Moon,” the third of six to happen in 2015, the last one will take place on March 20th. The last three will happen during the “Full Moon.”
This energy is extremely potent and powerful to “Set Intentions” in, and Tuesday and Wednesday, therefore have actually two totally different energies to work with under this Moon.

Astrologers believe this “New Moon” is a magical doorway, it can lead to new pathways and possibilities. With the energies shifting over from Aquarius to Pisces within moments after the “New Moon” comes together… our focus should be on working what helps all of humanity, and then over to what helps just “you,” we will literally be under the energy of two different realities. Remain open to the possibilities of different realms, close your eyes and breathe…let your thoughts and worries fill your head, visualize them dropping like a brick down to your heart … so you can FEEL how everything is connected, feel the oneness and its divine perfection, no matter what your mind thinks! Let go of what isn’t working for you or is blocking you from true happiness!

“Super Moons” tend to generate a stronger gravitational and electromagnetic force and have a stronger effect on us, both physically and emotionally. This can create a huge shift in our awareness and consciousness. All of this energy just charges the Aquarian Moon even more, which is very powerful indeed. This opens the door to all that is “New”, so initiate something.

The planet Mercury is no longer in its Retrograde phase and is also in Aquarius, this will make this “New Moon” energy even more strong. It’s effects can make it easier, to create the changes you’ve been wanting for some time now. This energy can help you to go down the “Rabbit Hole”, at least long enough to visit and even possibly stay in…  think about excepting different realities you may not have even thought of. So again it’s important to remain flexible around your beliefs and allow changes to take place. It can be difficult to follow your normal everyday routines over the next few days, but that’s a good thing… just follow that white rabbit!


Ask yourself what you’re holding on to that’s old? If you choose to leave the path you’re on, would it be better for you in the long run? Will you find something better, that is more suited to who you are now?

This “New Moon” also begins a new Lunar Cycle, which is a perfect time for planting seeds and “setting Intentions” in for the next 28 days. The best time to do this is Tuesday around 6pm through Wednesday at 6pm CT, and you’ll be in Aquarius energy. Then Wednesday after 6pm through Thursday at 6pm, to work with the Pisces energy! Enjoy this magical “New Moon”

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