Full Moon in Leo/Feb.


Full Moon in Leo
By Ruby

The Full Moon comes together early this evening in Leo. Full Moons are when the Moon and Sun oppose each other! And this time around we have the Moon in Leo opposing the Sun in Aquarius. A Full Moon is a time when the energies of all that is living, swells and a promise of what we started intentionally or not during the last New Moon comes together. This is a pretty emotionally intense Full Moon, as it’s filled with Romance, and is all about our Relationships with others period, of all different kinds.

The Leo/Aquarius opposition is about how we handle our personal and impersonal relationships, basically Leo energy likes to be personal about everything in life, and Aquarius energy is more impersonal, because it would rather not get attached or emotionally involved. This Full Moon is an opportunity to find a balance between these two energies and how we express ourselves in all different areas of our life.

The Full Moon lights up the night sky and illuminates the darkness here on earth, both physically and spiritually. If you can understand this as a symbol of what’s actually happening in your own life and if you choose to stay aware and pay attention, this Full Moon will show you what’s been secret or kept hidden, the truth or what you haven’t been made aware of yet! So you may notice some new feelings or revelations during this Full Moon, but they tend to be more on the emotional side. This can bring up fears and concerns about who is being real or authentic….and you may need to tap into some courage to get through this, just like a lion is known for doing. Be courageous enough to face your fears and let go of them and release whatever is blocking or not serving you! Allow this information to come in now, but take the time to process and understand it.

This Full Moon is supported by the “great awakener” Uranus and this helps us to break away from old traditional beliefs, as this alignment helps us to make real progress and evolve.

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