Venus Square Saturn



Lovely Venus is squaring the authority of the cosmos, Saturn, this energy has been strong all week long. Blocks and restrictions are happening around our love life and finances. What we want isn’t readily available to us at this time.

In relationships, this is about being mature and stepping up while taking responsibilities with our partners. Stay flexible and keep your heart open … this might take some adjusting. Our urges can lead us to a deeper more spiritual and romantic connection with others, we want to enjoy an explore our feelings. But we are talking about Saturn here.. and this influence can have us exploring the truth, about ourselves and others. Our beliefs maybe in question. We tend to be more cautious when it comes to our relationships and finances now. It’s NOT a good time to start a romantic relationship with anyone new.

Financially we may have our responsibilities come up in our face, so we have to deal with them…but that’s just a reflection of our own inner worth and value! If we can tap into our creative side in handling money, we can actually be rewarded for it! Tap into your intuition about your money woes and handle any financial problems with maturity, deal with these issues and don’t try to escape or ignore them. That’s a big no no with Saturn. Pushing in this energy will only throw up more road blocks, it’s better to handle things by taking on issues one at a time, this will help us feel more confident and strong, and then we can gain maturity.

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