New Moon in Aquarius


Tuesday – New Moon in Aquarius
“A New Vision”

The Moon is aligning with the Sun this morning and this starts the “New Moon” Cycle, both are in more freedom seeking, forward thinking Aquarius. This keeps us focused on the future. Our visions are much more clear about our life and we’re ready to make some major  improvements for our future. We will work to make progress, and in certain areas of each of our lives we finally will, after all the blocks we seem to have come up against in 2014!

The “New Moon” and Sun are both in Aquarius today, this makes the energies quite potent. This is all about opening up to something new and different for our future. The planets Mercury and Venus are also connecting in Aquarius at this time, this makes it even more strong. Aquarian energy is about being connected to the humanitarian within us… along with our inner visionary, as our focus should be on the future now. This energy is all about our ideals and the power they hold. Also technology and inventions come into our awareness. We’re focused on helping the collective consciousness, which is all of our thoughts, all of us!! Think about what groups you can join that are working towards change…and I mean big change! Each of us all have our own unique gifts that we can share with the world to make it better, do you know what yours is?

Uranus the ruler of Aquarius is involved in some pretty strong energy now, this alignment asks us to work on personal goals that affect us both personally and globally. This is the time to work on letting go of any old worn out beliefs or thoughts you might have, especially around gender. Woman need to step up and have been I feel…to help take on more leadership like roles in our world. But every one of us has the capacity to make change happen, far more than we realize. Our inner sparkle, our inner light is on high, our vibrations are strong and higher also, focus on that shining out to the world and around you.

We’re being pushed out of our comfort zones, to look outside our own box and to also live there, so we must work creatively on making the necessary adjustments. Try to be flexible enough to break away from normal routines, it’s time for us to be the ones who are the change!

The “New Moon” is also working with some older energies that were brought about from last October’s “Solar Eclipse”, this is a turning point for us and our souls evolution. It’s time to move on to the next thing, the next phase! It’s important again to keep an open-mind and be flexible to any changes that come our way, this is an important step towards our destiny. What important changes did you make in back in October, and what are you ready to change now?

Wednesday or the day after the “New Moon” comes together, “Mercury goes Retrograde.” It’s important to take some time to reflect and connect to the valuable insights your higher-self is trying to show you! Think about what you should do to line up with your visions for the future. What needs to be fixed or repaired and released? What is holding you back from using and sharing your gifts?

The “New Moon” is the best time to set some powerful intentions each month. This month the best time to “set intentions” or the most potent points would be between 8am this Tuesday morning and 9pm Wednesday evening, before the “Void” of Course Moon phase of course.

Happy Blessed New Moon ~ Ruby

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