Mars Conjunct Neptune



This afternoon the Moon meets up with Mars (physical action) and Neptune (Spirituality) in Pisces, these two planets are building up energy to come together Monday. This encourages our imagination and intuition, this is a curious energy that can get our creative juices flowing though anything artistic as we strive to find the beauty in anything. Inspirational energy is in the air. Neptune represents our aspirations and Mars projects them into physical reality, sounds like fun!

This is a opportunity to connect to the visions you hold about your future goals. This can be a very magical influence, if you do something physical that connects you to the Spiritual. Which means, you must use your body to connect to your higher-self. This can be through dance, Tai-Chi, swimming, exercise, yoga, and even sex, just to name a few! This can be a healing energy… that’s for the highest good! ~Ruby

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