Flashes of Insight


Wednesday – Astro Update
By Ruby

Mercury is (speaking, hearing, expressing oneself) and Uranus is (shocks, surprises, Ah-Ha moments, flashes of insight.) They join forces this week in a opportune aspect. You’re about to experience an unexpected shift in your surroundings or your personal life that will be beneficial for your soul’s path. You’ll find yourself becoming increasingly clairvoyant.  Pay close attention to promptings from your subconscious, which will come through dreams, visions, and flashes of insight and bring these to the surface for guidance and to manifest them in physical reality.

Our conversations might turn really strange or be more about bizarre topics we don’t normally discuss. We should really take advantage of this energy, as being social and talking to new and interesting people can bring about messages and insightful information. You have till Friday to get out there and make something happen!

This union can also bring about new and different perspectives, and this helps us to let go of old worn out ideas and ways of thinking. We want to connect to people directly in unusual ways. Group meetings or activities that involve discussions can bring about some amazing insight…so this can be a busy week. Stay open mindrd to all beliefs and that anything is possible!

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