January Full Moon in Cancer


January 4th/Sunday
Full Moon in Cancer

The New Moon in Capricorn last month helped us to focus on our goals and ambitions. Now it’s time to see just how far you’ve come during the first Full Moon of 2015, without neglecting any of your personal needs. It’s a good time to create a self-care plan that helps with your emotional, mental, and physical well-being. But this Full Moon is in Cancer, which means we should focus on nurturing ourselves, especially emotionally. Make your home and living space feel clean, cozy, and comfortable by the Full Moon Sunday. (good time to put away all your Holiday decor)

If you’d like to Set Intentions under the Full Moon this is an awesome time to do so, because it’s the first Full Moon of 2015.. you should focus on letting go of any pain, hurt, resentment, trauma or negative energy that happened in 2014. Allow yourself the space to feel those emotions and release them! It can simply be miraculous. This is a huge opportunity to cleanse your spirit, so the New Year will be free from all that drama of last year!

Balance your career and home life now as the Moon is building up energy to be Full, this will provide a foundation for success. In the days leading up to the next New Moon on January 20th, continue to make changes that will help you feel better, and more content and secure! ~Ruby

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