2015 brings New Energy


Thursday – Astro Update by Ruby

I’m so excited for the change of energy this New Year, because many of us had a let’s just say intense 2014, and for some the powerful energy truly worked for them. But we can now focus on the new energy and what it means

2015 in Numerology is considered a 8 Universal year. Eights are infinite and don’t stop …. so they can open doors in miracles, abundance, possibilities, and love. I’ve been researching about 2015 and what the overall feeling is, this year’s energy carries strong possibilities and opportunities. In 2014 many of us felt blocked and like the doors wouldn’t open, for some of us the doors were locked. But I feel we’re at a turning point this year and the doors are opening up once again, for some of us they’ll be wide open!

If you’re happy and passionate about what you’re doing in your work, career, love life,  etc… then keep running with it… because those possibilities are with us now and can lead us to great success. But if you’re not happy or balanced in certain areas of your life, then this year might actually prove to be even more of a struggle …. especially if you continue to keep doing what doesn’t work or serve you on a soul level. Now being it a 8 year, I can see some doors swinging open here and there irregardless. The number eight doesn’t end, so either will your problems or blessings. It’s up to you on which energy your calling in. The best way to handle this kind of energy is to stay honest with yourself! Stay focused on what you do have and be grateful.

It’s time to change any negative or challenging feelings or thoughts that don’t support you and your dreams! Work on what you feel passionate about this year. Let your heart guide you, which means feel your way through 2015. Once you’ve made that commitment, there’s no stopping you from meeting your goals or making you wishes come true!

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