Uranus/Pluto Square


December 14th –
“Time for Evolution”
Uranus squares Pluto

Uranus awakens and Pluto transforms, these two powerful planets our meeting up today in the sixth of seven exact squares. This ongoing long-term aspect has provided us with plenty of changes since its first meeting back in June of 2012.

This connection is about taking a giant step forward and making big changes on a personal and global level. We’ve almost grown accustomed to the craziness, upheaval and excitement this aspect brings. Many Astrologers call this rare meeting a game changer because of how it affects us personally and collectively.

“The last series of squares between Uranus and Pluto took place between 1932 and 1934, during which time we saw the world face a great deal of transformative upheaval — i.e. the Great Depression, the invention of the atomic bomb and the rise of Adolph Hitler.”

There is one more meeting of this series in March of 2015! Looking back over the last few years of our life, we should be asking what changes we had to make and what they’ve meant to us. There’s a lot to learn from this aspect, like how to improve our lives and increase our success. We just have to accept that the atmosphere is unstable and create a battle plan to create the change we so desperately need.

As these two very powerful inner planets square off, the energy rises and falls…it reaches a high point and then slowly pulls apart. All seven of these squares are connected to us and our evolution, which is paving the way towards our freedom! If you’ve noticed over the past few years, the World has been in huge change, and many leaders have been ousted out of power, we probably will see this keep happening until this aspect is done.

This meeting of the Uranus/Pluto Square has been building up since mid-October, and it’s effects will be felt through May of 2015. Many of us are feeling this intense energy mentally, emotionally, and physically. We’re growing under this influence, and our metamorphosis can be hard on us. So if you’re experiencing unusual anxiety, restlessness or strange aches and pains, it could be this energy. Try breathing techniques, yoga or meditation to help adjust to the higher energetic vibration this aspect is giving off!

Each time these two connect the stakes get higher, and if you’re not making a conscious effort to do your part it can become harder for you! It’s important for each of us to step up and do our part and try to make a difference in one way or another. There’s a deep need to create change, the kinda of change that makes a difference globally.

It’s important now that we express our truth and get real about how the world is being led. Leadership is changing all over the world, we need to learn how to lead together and create what’s in the highest good for all. This is the time to follow your dreams and passions, empower yourself and others both. Some of us our struggling with letting go of how we do things, and are holding on to our old ways. If we continue to do so, we might experience this aspect even stronger. This energy is an invitation from the Universe to help mold and create a new society of people who are authentic and powerful. People who will and can contribute to the highest good for everyone.

Since we’re in this huge shift of energy, it’s very important that we take care of ourselves. We have a lot of extra energy under this influence and we can overdo just about anything. Take the time to get rest, eat right, and make sure to be affectionate, so we can live a joyful, happier, longer life!

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