New Moon in Sagittarius


Saturday – New Moon Update
“Create your future”

Early this morning the New Moon comes together in optimistic, adventurous Sagittarius, and we’re looking for something different, bigger, truthful and honest!

It’s a great time to start new projects, especially if it involves travel or exploring new territory! It’s important to remember if you change your thoughts, you literally change the world around you. We manifest from the inside out. So take a look around and see things differently, and gain a fresh new perspective in this Sagittarius energy.
This energy is about taking action and moving forward, in our minds and with our bodies. Physical movement can help us gain that new perspective I’m talking about. This energy will definitely try and lead us down new paths and into new directions. Be mindful and ask the Universe for what you want, to ensure your heading down the right path.

The New Moon in Sagittarius main message is… it’s ok to have a space within yourself that still respects old traditional ways of doing things. But it’s important to not struggle and repeat history, by doing things the old way, if it didn’t work for you once before then it’s time to try something new.

Practice compassion with yourself, in other words give yourself a break! Some good questions to ask the Universe if you plan on “Setting Intentions” (best energy is Saturday for New Moon work)
Why are you here this go round? Where are you going in life? What beliefs do you hold on to, that don’t work for you anymore? What do you believe now, and what do you know to be true? What should you trust in and where should you take a leap of faith at?

The New Moon holds the best energy to “set intentions” in, it’s a very powerful time. Intentions are best done right after the New Moon comes exact, but not when the Moon shifts into the ‘Void” of Course phase. So this month that would be Saturday morning through Sunday evening.

“Blessed New Moon”

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