Illusions of Love



Venus square Neptune
“Illusions in love”

Venus governs love and relationships, and sometimes money. Neptune represents our dreams, spirituality and illusions. This tense aspect can cause irresponsible behavior and bring problems to our relationships, and it’s here through this weekend. We’re in a illusion and can find love in the wrong place or person. Financial and legal issues are possible, as this energy causes mental fogginess and confusion. Our confident attitude is over the top and can cause our dreams of love to come crashing down.

Venus is much more upbeat in Sagittarius normally, but with it squaring against Neptune in it’s own sign of Pisces, we can feel like we’re in a dream and can’t wake up. In relationships deep emotional issues can become the topic of discussion in relationships. The visions we hold now about love and money can simply be unattainable. This can cause us to feel let down, and a sense of loss, pain and even grief can take ahold, especially with our partners or with someone we trust.

With Venus in Sagittarius we seem to have a very optimistic view on love, but during this time don’t rely on optimism alone. We’re not thinking realistically and distractions are everywhere. Don’t be naive and give your heart away to the wrong person that later you could resent. Those dreams and fantasies you have aren’t going to probably happen right now. The same rules apply to our finances, pay attention and be careful. Avoid financial dealings with people you don’t trust. Don’t do business with anyone far away during this time, and if you run your own business try to wait until next week.

Even though Venus in Sagittarius can lighten up the mood in our relationships and social lives, relationships aren’t what they appear to be right now, because not everything has been revealed yet. Despite our optimism we can end up with a underlying sense of sadness…. a place were we feel like we’ve lost hope and faith. It’s important not to drown your sorrows through alcohol or drugs, Neptune’s shadow side is often escape through addiction. Let your intuition be your guide to figure what’s real and what’s false. There’s also some bizarre spiritual experiences happening during this time, as our dreams can be wild and very symbolic. The Universe is trying to tell you something, but it’s coming in all foggy and fuzzy in this energy. Keep paying attention!


Thank you for this post, it’s helping me make some sense of these Ascendant is Pisces ❁_❁

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