“Keeping it Real”


Tuesday – Sun Conjuncts Saturn

The Sun (our center) and Saturn (the rules and authority) are coming together in Scorpio this week, , and it’s time to get real about your life.

This is the last time Saturn in Scorpio will meet up with the Sun for 28 years. These last few years since Saturn moved into Scorpio have felt like we’ve been attending a class taught by Professor Snape “The Defense against the Dark Arts” in a Harry Potter movie!  As Saturn teaches us about structure and the rules, and Scorpio takes us done a dark path to face our fears, and work on our deep emotional wounds. In December, Saturn will shift into Sagittarius for a few more years. I will have more on that later this month.

This powerful aspect is making the mood more serious …itime is an issue and we can feel restricted in whatever it is we’re trying to create. It’s time to get down to it and work on what you’re trying to create or finish up!  You might feel just down and out, because the emotional energy this causes isn’t enough to sustain us physically.

This energy can affect what we’re connected to, like someone’s else’s money or resources… so it’s time to pay the piper. Usually this is something meaningful with an emotional connection. It’s easy to focus and work hard on something we feel strongly about. We’re looking to be more disciplined, orderly, and structured.

Only commit to working on projects that are left unfinished in this energy. You can plan and move forward now, when it comes to organizing your life. But avoid working on anything brand new, especially if it’s financial. Take care of your responsibilities and make wise choices with how you spend your money.


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