Signs from our Angels


Signs from Our Angels

Angels are just waiting to show us their existence when we call for them them; some of the ways they show they are there include:

A fresh white feather that falls in your pathway or lands on you is a sign that your Angel is with you.
Keep the feather with you to keep the Angel close.

The clouds may form a shape that’s a message for you, after you have asked for help.

You may see the word Angel when you open a book or hear it in a song when you switch on the radio.
Someone may talk to you and mention something about an Angel. You become more alert and aware of angels, as if more people are talking about them.

You may find a shiny new coin in an odd place when you are out and about.

Flowers placed near angelic altars last longer.

Angels can sometimes be seen in your crystals or gemstones if you have called upon them.

Angelic Gifts
You may be given an angelic gift – like an angel statue, or pin.


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