Full Moon in Taurus

Thursday – Full Moon in Taurus


There’s a Full Moon in Taurus that comes together later this afternoon. With the Sun already in Scorpio opposing the Moon in Taurus, it’s time for balance. So we must look at both the characteristics of Scorpio and Taurus to understand just what kind of balance we should be focusing on.

Scorpio energy is about connecting to your passions in a deep way, and being able to overcome your fears and letting go of anything you’re emotionally attached to. It’s also about learning how to accept who you are, all of who you are! This forces us to be real and in our power.

Then we have Taurus energy, which is all about being comfortable here in the physical world, so with our bodies, money, and our own personal values. In this energy we learn how our power is within the beauty of who we are, and what makes us happy! Staying steady and working on our self-esteem can help us manifest what we truly desire.

Having a healthy attitude about your self-worth is so important, and no matter how many material possessions you own or how much money you make is not going to fix that. So work on what’s most important to you, and ask yourself under this glorious Full Moon what makes you happy. Are you working to survive or do you love what you do for a living? Is the relationship your in make you happy or does it bring you Joy, or do you feel even more alone?

If we choose to take responsibility and act from our hearts while being honest and real, most people will forgive us for our mistakes. It’s important to stand up for yourself and be who you are. This Full Moon is about going a step further and maturing enough to repair your relationships. Imagine yourself feeling more confident and how that would enable you to let go of what isn’t working for you. What values do you hold dear and which ones do you need to change, so that you can have healthy, real relationship with yourself and others.


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