Venus in Scorpio

Venus in Scorpio


Venus, like the Sun and the Moon is shifting from more accommodating, intellectual Libra into passionate, mysterious Scorpio, this transit lasts through Nov.16th. Our relationships are going to be under a magnifying glass, and will be strongly pursed. We can be quite intense in our relationships, because we’re willing to commit now. In love we will take actions to make deep commitments and enhance our sexual pleasure!

Venus in Scorpio is almost fearless when it comes to intimacy. So we are extremely loyal and will expect the same in return from our partner. If trust is broke it can cause a relationship to fall apart fast, we need to see our partners exactly for who they are and not just what they say they are… we need to see what the truth is in their heart! And in this Scorpio energy will make that happen. So it’s important during this time to be honest with others, especially if it’s you’re romantically involved.

Venus also influences our finances, so we’re more likely going to invest our money into what we feel passionate about. Invest your time in anything that helps others find their Power as well. ~Ruby

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