Sun in Scorpio

Sun in Scorpio
“Happy Birthday Scorpio”


The “Sun” shifts today from balancing, harmonious Libra into passionate, mysterious Scorpio where it stays until Nov. 22nd. We are more drawn to the mysterious, intimate, shadowy side of life. Are feelings can run strong … and our emotions are raw. We can now look for clues when trying to solve life’s little mysteries. We’re more interested in all that is hidden, suppressed, secret, or taboo. Anything fake or false won’t do, because we’re searching for what’s real and authentic.

With the Sun in Scorpio we’re discovering our own personal power. It’s the best energy to work on letting go and releasing old fears and addictions in. This energy is very emotionally charged and infused with passion and sexuality. Intimacy comes naturally in this energy, so start by showing others how you feel, be a little vulnerable and express your feelings.

This energy can be healing and transforming…but on the other end it also can be a time of jealously, vindictive behavior, and manipulative tactics, so watch yourself! Focus on the fears and behaviors that no longer serve you while we’re in this energy, so you can let them go.

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