New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Scorpio

Thursday – New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Scorpio


On Thursday around 5pm CST, when the Moon aligns with the Sun, a partial New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Scorpio comes together. This Eclipse can bring up issues around our emotional and financial security both. So emotionally we should expect changes, but also financially there can be interesting developments. We might see some radical behavior around our relationships and finances both! Eclipses bring with them a shift in consciousness, and it will take about six months to understand what this Eclipses information is exactly about for each of us.

Eclipses are when the Sun is shadowed by the Dark of the Moon. This astrological event can be extremely helpful, because in this darkness we can find peace… and simply can rest for the next few weeks. It’s like the Universe creates a time out… this dark yet calm energy can be transformational, if you take advantage of it. Allow yourself to simply be at rest and enjoy this time, instead of pushing yourself.

As this Eclipse helps us to be more aware of vital information, we become part of a very powerful process that gives us the power to learn, simply because we can’t see what we don’t know! This information has been in our unconscious minds and this Eclipse will bring it up. This knowledge has remained in the shadows, so therefore it can be found in the Dark! But we must be brave enough to shine a light on it and have the courage to explore our darker sides, and that means face our deeper fears. If you continue on this path of healing it can bring about great rewards.

This Solar Eclipse is in Scorpio, which represents powerful transformation. Listen to your higher-self in the darkness and get still, calm, and quiet. Make a connection to your soul. Drop all those thoughts and worries you have into your heart… and close your eyes, listen to what your higher-self is trying to tell you. What is it you need to bring up and heal? Remember to act from a place of love not fear.

It’s time to allow this universal knowledge to set in. For the next few weeks, work on staying settled and grounded. Take it easy and go with the energies, allow room for mistakes. When you take the time to rest make sure and listen to your mind and feel your emotions. Then release your old wounds, traumas and pain! We have the opportunity to Set some powerful Intentions this week… that can last for the next six months. If you don’t know how to “Set Intentions.” I will be posting a separate Blog here on this page and on all my Social Media pages.

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