Independence, Change, and Tension


We had a tense week, but yesterday’s energy was more calm with the help of the steady, peaceful Taurus Moon, especially after this weeks hectic energy from the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse, and the influence of the ongoing T-square energy coming together. Today might be a bit rough as more of that energy comes back together, but this time involving Venus to the Uranus/Pluto Square! A T-Square can create stress and a need for change.

This opposition is about balancing our need to be independent while maintaining our relationships. We simply need Space! It’s not a good time to react impulsively with others, especially when it comes to money. This is not the weekend to start a new relationship or to take on anything new financially. Be-Careful when it comes to retail therapy or impulse buying, you might spend way too much!

It’s a good idea to work towards solving your problems peacefully or alone. But it might be easier said than done. Stay grounded, don’t allow your fears to run you, stay in your heart and keep the light and love around you. It’s also important to keep an open mind, keep your attitude in check. Take Care of You! Make sure you have everything you need, use your inner wisdom and strength to keep you safe.

Our anxieties are running high, so disagreements can happen very quickly and unexpected events can catch us off guard. We just need a change, so don’t allow this energy to make you rebellious. This energy helps us learn how to handle others, just in a different way! If you feel badly, get creative about how to fix the problems around you, but don’t push…sometimes surrendering or backing off is the best way to solve a problem. ~Ruby

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