Mercury enters Libra, again? – Relationships


Mercury in Retrograde – Mercury enters Libra, again? – “Relationships”

Retrograde Mercury enters Libra again today. This should have us thinking about the patterns we follow in our relationships. Our thoughts have been deep since October 4th, with Mercury the planet of expression, thinking and communication in emotional, mysterious Scorpio. Now we will actually lighten up a bit when Mercury shifts into Libra, but our relationships will be of the utmost importance. This Mercury Retro phase is the last one for the year, thank goodness! This is our final opportunity to go back and review our experiences within our relationships! —-READ THAT AGAIN!!!

Mercury spends the rest of October going back over the ground it covered in September, before going direct again on October 25th. So what does this mean for you and your relationships? Oh it’s means a lot! Libra is the sign of relationships, especially one on one relationships and partnerships of all kinds. If you’ve had any problems or tension with close friends or partners, this Retrograde phase can help you get down to what is really causing the conflict!

Even though Libra is the sign of diplomacy and prefers to keep the peace, don’t let that prevent you from getting down to the real issues. And don’t be afraid to get down and dirty about it, if you have to. Because you can finally figure it out, and maybe possibly fix it or be done one way or another you won’t be stuck anymore. It’s about being honest but direct even with yourself, that’s more important then keeping the peace now!

This is a great time to work on fixing the patterns of co-dependency, because that can be toxic! After October 25th, we can learn more of the truth around our relationships and what really has been going on!

Retrogrades are also known for bringing back partners from your past, but it rarely stays that way after Mercury goes direct again. If a old love shows up with flowers and wants to have fun, just remind yourself this may only be for a very short period of time. ~Ruby

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