Wednesday – Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse


Wednesday –
Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse

The Moon will go Full very early Wednesday morning in pioneering, fiery Aries! This extremely powerful Full Moon is also a “Lunar Eclipse,” which means the energies of this Full Moon are stronger then normal, (I’m sure you’ve already been feeling this energy the last few days.) This energy is about being able to see who you are in your own personal relationships with others, it might be time to make sure you’re playing the right roles with the people in your life. Ask yourself if you’re happy being that partner or lover, or should you change that role. Remember Eclipses bring much anxiety and uncertainty. We all will feel the effects of this Lunar Eclipse through November 6th, and so begins Eclipse Season.

Lunar Eclipses generally make us more aware of how we feel on a deep emotional level. This Full Moons energy brings up our suppressed feelings. Because this is a total “Lunar Eclipse,” you might have already been experiencing amazing Ah-Ha moments or revelations, and deep shifts in awareness. What messages have you received over the last few days?

This particular Eclipse represents our independence and freedom, being in assertive Aries. Should you be more assertive, and speak up for yourself?
Are you giving in to others, just to avoid confrontations and arguments? Or are you being too independent? What roles in your relationships should you keep or should you change?

Full Moon’s are always about balancing our hearts and mind, and with the current opposition between the Sun and lovely Venus, we should think about being more loving in all our relationships. Find the courage within to take some risks and explore something new. But it’s not the time to change anything to big, not during “Eclipse Season.” It’s best to relax and observe, while you explore your options. Wait to take action.

This Lunar Eclipse is in Aries, so it’s time to be bold and creative, this will help you take advantage of this energy. We can feel more enthusiastic and excited about the new beginning’s to come. But it also inspires us to beaks away from our ordinary, mundane lives. The message of this Full Moon is to learn how to be assertive but not destructive!
Being peaceful and calm will help your “Eclipse Season” experience, while over-reacting can come very easily right now.

Seek balance in how you handle your own power… reach out and help others and be more available to those you care for. Learn how to use your own power to love! For some that takes real work, when it should come more naturally. Improve the relationships you already have. Learn to have gratitude for the partnerships you’re involved in. Focus on your heart and the love you have within.  ~Ruby

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