Face your Fears

Tuesday – “Face your Fears”
Pluto “Station” from Retrograde

Powerful Pluto has been Retrograde for the last 5-months. This energy is helping us to change, but it’s been a path of waking through some tough lessons to get that change. Many of us our in major transformations right now. Pluto is moving slowly back to its normal pace from being retrograde through Sept 28th. During its station period as its called, the energy of Pluto is intensified.

Pluto is all about learning how to be the light in order to see through the dark! And many of us have had some darker experiences over these last five months. But this transforms us, and helps us to understand that nothing on this earth is forever. Because death is not a ending on any level, it always brings us to a new SW which is Pluto’s message to us.

Pluto is stationed through October 2nd, when it goes back to its regular speed, so we can feel quite uncomfortable during this time. This has affected each of us in a unique and different way. It just depends on where Pluto lands in your own personal natal chart, as to what part of your life it’s been reconstructing.

Pluto’s brings us messages on a deep Soul Level. Pluto give us challenges so that we can discover how to work our own personal power, so usually it’s lessons are no walk in the park. This energy can empower us, this teaches us how to find our deepest passions and go after them.  But sometimes things need to be tore down or destroyed, so that we can rebuild and make something better.

Pluto also represents our own personal transformation, as we grow and evolve. It helps us to deal with endings, so we may have new beginnings. This energy shows us how to see the darker side of life as a gift. This teaches us how to use our inner light. It’s about the death and re-birth process for us.

Pluto is going to get to the truth of the matter on a deep soul level, as it removes what’s no longer working for us, and replaces that with something different or new, something that matches with our deep desires and soul path. If we resist the deep changes Pluto brings in, we can suffer… but if we allow the process to happen we can move forward and feel empowered.

Look deeply at the problems that are up in your face over the next few weeks or so. Pay attention to what’s no longer working in your life, ask what’s off or unbalanced. If your choosing to work with Pluto more Spiritually, then ask yourself the following questions… What am I not letting go of out of fear? What fears, habits or behaviors are stopping me from being in control? This energy is about taking on your fears and figuring out your strengths, hence feeling your own power!

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