Blessings, Handle With Care


Sunday – “Blessings, Handle With Care”
Venus/Pluto Trine

Venus rules our relationships, love life, and money. Pluto is about transformation and power! This powerful duo are meeting up in a harmonious way, that lasts through Tuesday.

This aspect actually brings rewards, that can produce good and helpful results. What we value can transform and evolve while we’re under this influence! We might just learn to appreciate the more important people in our lives. We can explore different levels of intimacy with our partners, both new and old.

This can be a great time for our finances as well, because we’re more responsible. The work we’ve already done can pay off, as we’re able to mange our money better, because we’re paying attention to the details. As we work to rid of what no longer works for us. We tend to be more open and intimate in this energy, and our relationships can reap the rewards. We might decide to make deeper commitments now.

This aspect can real boost up our sex lives, as we want to connect deeply to others. We can become very attracted to someone, and get obsessed! And depending on how this aspect lands in your own personal “Natal Chart” you could end up meeting the love of your life! Any relationships that are experienced in this energy is bound to be magical, at least for the time being. This transit has a way of strengthening our relationships both old and new. If we end a relationship during this cycle, we can feel liberated.


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