“A Place of Power”

– pluto


Pluto Out of Retrograde

The good news today is powerful, darker Pluto is slowing down after its 5 month-long stay in Retrograde, it will come to a halt Sept. 22nd! Because Pluto is an outer planet” its energy is stronger and we can feel it’s influence more so, this can cause us to feel anxiety ridden and out of control! These side effects will begin to diminish once we get to October.

Pluto is all about our soul and it’s purpose. It empowers us to feel strong enough to help ourselves! Pluto’s associated with transformation, it teaches us to use our own inner light to light up the more dark, shadowy stuff on the planet. And in this process we can empower ourselves. It’s about the endings that bring about new beginning’s.

We’re needing some deeper truth as Pluto helps us rid of what no longer is working for us. Then we will be rewarded with something new, that is more matched up energetically with our deeper desires.
If we choose to ignore the deep changes that Pluto has brought us, we can suffer! But, if we choose to surrender to them and allow this process to happen, we can move forward towards our success.

It’s a good idea over the next 3 weeks to pay attention to what issues are really up for you and are demanding your attention! As Pluto gets itself readjusted, look for what might no longer be working for you, and what doesn’t match your deepest desires, dreams, hopeful feelings, and be done and rid of it!

Some important questions to ask yourself:
What won’t I let go of, out of fear?
What habits, behaviors, or fears are keeping me from feeling powerful?
How would it feel to be totally living my life with a sense of purpose?

It’s important to know that when one confronts their fears, they can discover their own unique gifts! –


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