Full “Super” Moon in Pisces

Full Moon Update through Tuesday afternoon.

Enjoy the Full “Super” Moon in Pisces energy as much as possible this Monday night, it will come exact tonight around 8pm CST. It’s the most powerful time to “Set Intentions” and release what’s no longer working or serving you, as the Moon builds to full and they say three days after, this is of course debatable depending on what you believe in, I find the night of the Full Moon to be the most potent energy… Usually within a matter of a few hours or so the Moon will also shift into a “Void” of Course Moon as well as being Full. During the “Void”  Moon phase is NOT the time to do any “Setting Intentions” or Ritualistic work! Again I like doing the work before or within a few hours of the Moon being Full, but it’s up to each individual.

Most of us in one way or another can feel the vibrations of the Full Moon rise! This can cause you to loss sleep, feel anxiety ridden, overly emotional, tension, nervousness, ringing in your ears, and some experience high blood pressure or strange side effects around their heart. (Please be safe, if you don’t feel well and aren’t to sure exactly what’s happening, go be checked out!)

But for many of us we just have to breathe and allow this energy to flow through us, I will have more Blogs about this Full Moon energy throughout the day!

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