Full Moon in Pisces explained!


Monday – ‘Harvest’ Full Moon in Pisces

Later this evening the Full Moon will come together in sensitive, healing Pisces. This is a very powerful Full Moon, being it’s also a “Super Moon”, and it happens to be the last one of the year!

This Moon is in creative, loving Pisces and is making a opposition to the Sun in detailed Virgo. Full Moons are always about creating balance between the Moon and Sun’s opposition. You probably already know what part of your life you should be working on during this Full Moon. But to help ya get an idea, this  balance is about our logical mind versus our intuition. Thoughts and feelings, or left and right brain.

Learn how to balance your daily routines and physical health (Virgo) with your Spiritual health and well-being (Pisces.) This Full Moon in Pisces helps you question how to handle your day-to-day life (Virgo), and what tools can be used to express your spirituality. We can use many different tools, such as meditation, yoga, Reiki, long walks, or journaling. It’s about learning how to use and practice your Spiritual needs, while still maintaining the order of your everyday life. If you ignore either end of this Virgo/Pisces axis, negative energy and even chaos can enter your world much easier.

This Full Moon also helps us develop and learn how to express our feminine energies, by learning how to trust our intuition. Practice allowing your feelings to move through you and flow like these energies do. Learn how to love all things and yourself during this Full Moon, ask yourself what you need to forgive and release, and what might be blocking you from happiness. To the best of your ability use the healing powers of this Pisces Full “Super Moon” to help heal you!

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