A Practical Kinda Love


Friday – “A Practical Kinda Love”
Venus in Virgo

Venus the planet of love, relationships and money changes signs from playful, fun-loving Leo into more detailed, practical Virgo, until September 29th.

So for the next three and half weeks, our relationships are going to come into our awareness and our focus. We want to work on our relationships but it has to be real and authentic.

We love to help others in this energy, any small way we can. Virgo energy is all about being of service to others. It’s also a good time to acknowledge those people in our lives that help us take care of all the little things and details, that basically make life easier.

Socially speaking we might be more reserved, our confidence might appear to be low. It might be hard to stick to our social commitments because we’re busy taking care of business. So not a lot of mushy energy in this!

Financially it’s a good time to invest in your health. Especially if you’re looking at ways to improve your health or everyday routines, just do anything that helps make your live easier. ~Ruby

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I am an energy reader with the gift of Clairvoyance and Psychic Abilities, I am also an Astrologist and Blogger.
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