Balancing Act – Sun Opposes Neptune


Friday – “Balancing Act”
The Sun opposes Neptune

Balancing some practical choices with your imagination can help you create a goal that can actually be reached.
You need to find a balance between reality and your dreams, your logic and intuition. Look for ways to get real and honest with yourself, and gain clarity and understanding around your dreams, this will help you now. Make sure to be loving and forgiving with yourself and others.

This opposition takes place right in the middle of Neptune’s retrograde cycle, which gives you the perfect opportunity to stand back and assess your progress. Ask yourself how far you have come? Let go of any fantasies holding you back so you can grab hold of a realistic dream. Your thoughts are important now, so pay attention to your visions… as long as they make sense. Make choices from the heart, and let go of having to be right. Listen to your intuition, follow your gut instincts.

Keep moving forward even though you’re unsure of how everything will turn out. For now, familiar messages and signs are missing, but you’ll still be able to turn this into an advantage as you tap into a greater vision of your life’s future! This energy started building Tuesday and runs strong through Monday of next week.

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