August New Moon in Virgo

Monday – August 25th
New Moon” in Virgo


The “New Moon” cycle is in Virgo this go around, and with the Sun’s recent shift into Virgo… this energy is potent! This transit of the Moon can be complex and cause some struggle for us, because it marks the beginning of a new phase in our lives. But it also can be exciting!

Each “New Moon” helps us experience something new emotionally, as it’s a good time to set “Intentions,” ( which is asking, through meditation or prayer, your higher-power or the Universe for anything you might like to create or draw to you), tonight or Sunday is a great time to set some powerful intentions.

However, it’s best to work within the theme of the sign the New Moon is in… and this one is in detailed, orderly Virgo. So we should be asking how we can be of service to others, that’s right unselfish acts that help out others is a win-win situation and should help you balance out any Karmic debt you might have.

With this Virgo influence our focus should be on our physical health, well-being and how we can create a state of wholeness. Good physical health comes from balance, the balance between our mental, emotional and physical self, there traits all come together to create our existence. Try looking at your health from a more holistic approach, you might be amazed at what you’ll find, especially with the Sun also being in Virgo, which gives this energy a little extra zing!

This is great time to get things organized, analyze what needs to be done to meet goals. Any activities you choose to work on should be easier if you focus on the details, because we can be precise when solving problems.

This New Moon. in Virgo is a wonderful time to initiate new habits, and learning some forgiveness. Take your mistakes and turn them into opportunities to learn and grow. This is about taking responsibility for your life and all you do. Try using some compassion to move forward from being hyper-critical and falling victim to self-sabatoge. Seek balance between diet and exercise…and how you approach your health and general wellbeing. Get outside and enjoy the beauty of the world during this Virgo New Moon! The New Moon will be exact Monday morning!



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