Venus meets Jupiter this week!


Monday August 18th, 2014
“Good Energy”
Venus Conjunct Jupiter

If you looked up towards the Eastern Sky before sunrise Monday morning, you could see two very bright planets, which are Venus and Jupiter. This is the closest they have been to each other in 15 years. It should be a amazing sight. But you’ll have to get up pretty early to see it, before sunrise. Venus is the brightest of the two, shinning nearly twice as bright as Jupiter.

The vibration of this meeting is very high, and is good for enjoying ourselves in, involve yourself in activities that make you happy like taking a vacation. This energy should help make life feel more promising. It’s also good to just enjoy life in, with lots of opportunities floating around. This energy is good for sports, games, lottery, and anything involving taking a chance. So you may want to try your luck! The results can be exciting, and memorable!

Venus in Leo being close to Jupiter suggests that we are in need of some fun, (isn’t that the truth.) We need comfort and joy, along with some pleasant surroundings, this transit can provide all of that. Understanding and forgiveness are in the air, we feel more sociable and can relate better to others. This energy can really help us resolve disputes as well.

Ask yourself what makes you happy? This is great energy to seek and find happiness in, so enjoy this time and hang-out with fiends, and maybe even attend a party, they can be quite lively. We can make new friends and lovers much easier now. There will be lots of interesting dating stories coming forth from this time… as well as committments made between lovers. Also lots of marriage proposals going around this week.

This energy brings about new contacts who can hold wealth and power.
Some of those contacts can be mystical people who can bring great benefits and provide new knowledge that we need. It’s a great time for artists and entertainers, especially if they can be creative and work with contacts internationally.

It’s a good time to buy products that bring us joy and satisfaction. There is a strong interest in imported goods. If your looking for luck you may find success in trading something foreign. This transit holds great energy for making profit and revenue. Also this is a great time to get deals and discounts for travel. This is a wonderful time that we so desperately need, so enjoy it!

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